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  • NPs & PAs Are Talking – NPs & Nurse Veterans, New PA Organization, Primary Care

    Have you visited our blogs lately? Last week, new NPs and nurse veterans battled on the value of floor experience. Our NP & PA Student blogger Terry Clarke, currently enrolled in a fast track NP program, expressed his views on what experienced nurses have going for them and what they still have to learn. Here are a few of the comments your ...
    Posted to ADVANCE for NPs & PAs Blog (Weblog) on October 22, 2012
  • NPs & PAs Are Talking – April 23, 2012

    If you're not chatting with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, ''like'', ''follow'' and ''connect'' with us and start sharing in the conversations! If you are, keep following and spread the word! This week, our social media sites exploded with great comments from our readers. Here are some of the highlights, copied verbatim and without ...
    Posted to ADVANCE for NPs & PAs Blog (Weblog) on April 23, 2012
  • Will Practicing NPs Be Pushed to Get DNPs?

    Q: I recently completed my MSN as an FNP. Do you believe there will be a push for all MSNs to complete their DNP to be competitive with new DNP-prepared APRNs? A: The DNP movement has gained wide acceptance since the AACN announced its position statement in 2004 recommending that entry-level advanced practice nursing be at a doctoral level. ...
    Posted to DNP Discussions (Weblog) on October 3, 2011