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  • Continuing Education in the Old Days

    So are you one of the ones that hates having to attend yet another long and boring continuing education class? Over my years as a COTA I attended many classes to get Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Yes some are boring, and repetitious, but it's all in what you want to make it. Before the days of internet education, we actually had to go to ...
    Posted to COTA Thoughts (Weblog) on August 23, 2013
  • Time Away

      Hello readers, sorry I've been gone for a while. I had to take a bit of time away from the blog in order to deal with some personal issues. Life is always challenging, and sometimes a break is needed. Sometimes a break is just to refresh your spirit. For me this was both.   One personal issue is my mom, who fell recently and broke ...
    Posted to COTA Thoughts (Weblog) on May 16, 2013
  • Ethics VS Productivity

      As I've always said, productivity standards can jeopardize our ethical obligation. Trying to maintain productivity on a consistent basis is a tough task, especially with most employers requiring 85% or better. However, faced with the threat of losing your job can easily tempt us to alter the minutes we ...
    Posted to COTA Thoughts (Weblog) on January 22, 2013
  • I Am A COTA

      This is a topic I've covered before, but I've always wanted to show the emblem I was given after passing my national exam. It was actually enclosed in the envelope with my passing test results. My certification exam was completed under AOTCB (American Occupational Therapy Certification Board) which used to be a part of AOTA (American ...
    Posted to COTA Thoughts (Weblog) on January 9, 2013