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  • Secondary Gains

    If you work in physical therapy, sooner or later you're going to encounter a patient, friend or relative who is making secondary gains off the patient's illness. In my experience, this usually revolves around money or special attention. I have a patient now whose wife is behaving this way. We all get the behavior but no one has figured out what ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on July 24, 2013
  • Horse Show or TPTA Conference?

    This afternoon I received the monthly email from the Texas Physical Therapy Association. It contained a prospectus for the upcoming annual conference and early registration. This is much smaller than the APTA's Combined Sections Meeting, probably not even a thousand people. But it's a good opportunity to be involved in what's going on here and ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on July 3, 2013
  • What If It Happened to Me?

    Every time I teach, I travel to different cities. Each course brings questions and stories about past and present patients. The general theme of these conversations is either to ask advice or describe a success story. Last week I heard something different. One of the attendees was there because her husband was a stroke survivor and she didn't know ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on June 28, 2013
  • Volunteering Update

    In past posts, I've expressed frustration at volunteering for various opportunities within the APTA and the Neurology Section. A few months ago, I was nominated for a position on the nominating committee for the stroke special interest group. The results arrived today. I wasn't elected. I wasn't surprised. One of the questions nominees were asked ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on June 11, 2013
  • Finally Something I Enjoy

    Anyone who reads my blog with regularity knows the last year has been a struggle for me. I lost my beloved job. I was fired for being ethical. I encountered more than my share of unethical and self-serving people. During all of that, I hung on and kept going to work. Every so often I made a difference to someone, which kept me going. For the ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on April 9, 2013
  • Maybe it's a Question of Time

    Last week I questioned what the definition of skilled therapy was. I had worked with several patients the previous weekend whose only deficit was the need for supervision. I've realized I wasn't clear in describing those patients. All of them had been on caseload for a while. Previous safety issues, such as Berg and Tinetti scores, had been ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on February 26, 2013
  • What Is the Definition of Skilled Therapy?

    I've been noticing a disturbing trend lately. More and more facilities are considering the need for supervision as a need for skilled therapy. Back in the day, patients referred to SNFs and outpatient had an obvious need. They had trouble walking. They couldn't transfer. They'd recently undergone total joint replacement. The knowledge and skill of ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on February 19, 2013
  • Time and Money

    Now that I'm home from CSM, I've had an opportunity to process all of the information. Most of the presentations were excellent. Those that weren't purely theoretical had a common theme. We have to maximize what we do because we're spending less and less time with patients. We have less time to spend because there isn't money to pay for our ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on January 29, 2013
  • Ready for CSM

    SAN DIEGO -- Just like my fellow ADVANCE blogger Lauren, I'll be attending the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in San Diego. CSM happens this week so I'm already in my hotel. I've registered and picked up my materials. I attended my pre-conference workshop on item writing. I'm ready for things to begin. Unlike most of my fellow therapists, the ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on January 23, 2013
  • A Disappointing Outcome

    When I started my current job, I was given a request. Help Jenny (not her real name) walk again. Jenny had a devastating stroke four months prior to that and was just beginning to wake up. At first they didn't think she'd live. Then they didn't think she'd wake up. She fooled them all. When she became my responsibility, she was awake, following ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on December 18, 2012
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