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  • The Family Issue

    Last weekend I was reminded of why I hate visiting hours. I went to treat a patient who had family in her room.  Usually I let the patient decide if the family can stay. This time the family decided for the patient. Not only did they decide to stay they interfered with what I was trying to do. The patient was an elderly woman with ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on May 7, 2008
  • My Cat Died

    My cat died last night. He was old. He lived a full kitty life. He died last night in my lap and I gently petted him. I could have taken him to the vet but all that would have happened is he would have been put to sleep. I couldn't do that to him. He died at home in familiar surroundings, not in a cold, unfamiliar vet clinic. As soon as I picked ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on April 15, 2008
  • Loss of Identity

    Last week in the electronic version of ADVANCE Deborah Cox, MSN, CRNP-F tackled the topic of identity loss and the elderly. She explained how entry into a long term care facility such as an SNF causes an individual to lose his or her identity. Instead, the patient becomes the admitting diagnosis. Ms. Cox further shows how the system contributes ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on April 1, 2008
  • What if I Won the Lottery?

    Today at lunch we talked about what we would do if we won the lottery. Almost every one said she would continue to work but not at her current job. A couple said they would stay home and be mom. An ST said she would volunteer her time to help uninsured children. Others said they would still work but fewer hours. The difference, we decided, was ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on March 11, 2008
  • Back in the Lab Again

    I spent last weekend in Dallas. I had to go there for a lab for my online class. Three one day labs are required. This was the first. It was also my first venture into onsite graduate education. My first class was 100 percent online. All the lectures were downloaded. I completed assignments and submitted them electronically. I never met anyone ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on February 27, 2008