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  • Answering Your Questions About Patients' Direct Access to Lab Results

      Since my blog last month regarding to the HHS mandate that laboratories must grant patients access to their lab results on request, my mailbox has been inundated with comments and questions. A few questions were asked by more than one writer and so I thought I would seek direct guidance from HHS and answer the most commonly asked ...
  • Sunshine Act on Cloudy Finances

    The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has already seen several new laws and regulatory measures introduced since its implementation, with many more soon to be on the horizon. One of these is the Sunshine Act, a law requiring public disclosure of any financial agreements between healthcare vendors and providers. Recent ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Discourse: Lab (Weblog) on January 29, 2014
  • In the Genes

    The ethical implications of genetic sequencing are really only just beginning to be fully realized, and these questions continue to contribute to the growing debate over information provided by the human genome.  A recent story from NPR chronicled Henrietta Lacks and the surprisingly indefinite life of her cells. In the article, Rebecca ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Discourse: Lab (Weblog) on March 27, 2013
  • Real Life Gattaca?

    I remember studying genetics in high school biology and watching Gattaca (1997), which genuinely blew my mind. On its own, genome sequencing seemed like a concept that science ripped directly from the pages of fiction.  I could barely wrap my mind around it -- let alone the ethics of its practice. As technology continues to advance, ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Discourse: Lab (Weblog) on December 7, 2012
  • From ‘Big Brother' to Hospital Debacle: A HIPAA Nightmare

    Few Americans are aware that the TV hit ''Big Brother'' first debuted on Dutch television. The diminutive Netherlands has made some bold moves in television-land. For example, there was ''De Grote Donorshow'' (The Big Donor Show) broadcast in 2007. The program featured a supposedly terminally ill 37-year-old ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Discourse: Lab (Weblog) on April 12, 2012
  • CSI Effect Sends Wrong Signal to Patients

    In recent years the legal community  has described a phenomenon called the CSI Effect.Based on the popularity of television programs like CSI, jurors as well as the public at large have come to expect that  every criminal case can be solved definitively in a short time with clear proof of innocence or guilt. Very ...