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  • Highly Evolved

    By Marie Miguel   Healthcare has truly evolved and the medications and sophisticated machines currently present in hospitals are clear indications of this. Thanks in large part to new inventions that have made a huge impact to how medicine is practiced, patient care has improved dramatically in recent years. High-tech machines and gadgets ...
  • Are Doctors Becoming Highly Paid Data Entry Clerks?

    Are doctors becoming highly-paid data entry clerks? Typically a doctor spends 43% of their time on patient data entry and only 28% on patient care. Often lost in these discussions is the a doctor’s time spent on direct patient care.  The projected growth of mHealth (Mobile Health) technologies, meanwhile, is predicted to be well into ...
  • Advance Your Documentation Quality and Accuracy Now While Preparing For ICD-10

    (This sponsored blog was written by Lee Ann Bryant, associate product manager, HealthStream.) Many think ICD-10 is only a coding problem, but the true challenge of ICD-10 is the need for increasing specificity and granularity in documentation in order to receive optimal reimbursement, meet all reporting requirements, and most accurately reflect ...
  • CDI for Physicians Ready to Quit

    Fast Facts:The average medical school graduate is in $161,000 debt. The now unchallenged Obama-care model creates a 63,000 physician shortage by 2015. Forty-six percent of physicians would NOT choose medicine again as a career.As we move into these unprecedented times in health care, our physicians need our support more than ever. It's hard to ...
    Posted to HIM & Heard (Weblog) on December 19, 2012