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  • Q&A with Dr. Debra: Tinea Corporis

    In dermatology, we discuss the importance of identifying and understanding morphology and changes in a rash. Here is a case of a rash with a sudden change in morphology after prescribing medication for her dermatosis. This geriatric patient was being treated with clobetasol cream B.I.D. for Grover disease. You see pruritic erythematous papules ...
    Posted to Dermatology Practice Today (Weblog) on July 31, 2014
  • Treating Acne: The Basics

    As the summer comes to a close and students and parents begin to plan for the next school year, inevitably there is a mad dash to the dermatology office to treat acne. Freshmen want to be clear to start high school, seniors want to be pimple-free for senior pictures. The problem is that they like to wait until 2 weeks before the start of school to ...
    Posted to Dermatology Practice Today (Weblog) on July 12, 2013
  • A New Option for Hyperhidrosis

    Many people have overactive sweat glands that produce excess sweating. This condition is called hyperhidrosis, and it can occur in the underarms, palms and soles. In severe hyperhidrosis, sweating significantly exceeds the body's normal requirement for cooling. This can be stressful for patients because they have to change clothing frequently or ...
    Posted to Aesthetics Practice Today (Weblog) on August 14, 2012
  • Rejuvenating Skin Through Wound Healing Science

    Neocutis is a Swiss skin care and pharmaceutical line that harnesses the power of PSP (processed skin cell proteins, a proprietary ingredient). These products are used to promote skin rejuvenation, to provide post-procedural skin care and to provide general care for sensitive or irritated skin.  Each product in this line was developed after ...
    Posted to Aesthetics Practice Today (Weblog) on June 5, 2012
  • Dermatology in a Third World Country

    Sometimes it can be very beneficial to step outside our comfortable office and challenge our practice in a foreign setting. I left my office stocked with pharmaceutical samples, running water, electricity, my assistant, sterile supplies and everything else I took for granted during my normal workday and flew to Haiti to serve dermatology ...
    Posted to Dermatology Practice Today (Weblog) on December 8, 2011
  • SPF: The Fountain of Youth

    As a society striving to look younger, we are in constant search to find the so-called ''fountain of youth.'' We envision an overflowing magic potion that erases or prevents the damages of time. In my mind, there is no myth or legend behind the fact that sunscreen is our current day fountain of youth. Aside from sun abstinence, this is the closest ...
    Posted to Aesthetics Practice Today (Weblog) on November 29, 2011
  • Treating Eczema Appropriately

    As the seasons change, we begin to see an influx of xerosis, dermatitis and eczema cases. Far too often these patients receive topical cortisone creams and kenalog shots visit after visit. Prolonged, excessive usage of steroids in the treatment of eczema can create a chronic dermatitis by producing vasodilation. These photos show a 26-year-old ...
    Posted to Dermatology Practice Today (Weblog) on November 17, 2011