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  • Wisely Spent Time

    The billing clock stops ticking when the patient is no longer in front of me, but this doesn't stop family, nurses and other colleagues from talking to me about the patient when the patient isn't present. If I see six patients a day and the nurse and I want to discuss medication management for pain reduction to accurately progress the patients, ...
    Posted to PTA Blog Talk (Weblog) on October 3, 2013
  • CEUs for PTAs

    In the mail, I received several brochures advertising how to evaluate and treat multiple body parts. All therapy disciplines were invited to attend. Being a PTA, I don't evaluate people so I wonder if I could get a discount because the evaluation aspect of those courses wouldn't directly benefit me in my chosen profession. I'd like to see more ...
    Posted to PTA Blog Talk (Weblog) on December 20, 2012
  • PT 2012: Where Does PT Fit in Health Care Reform?

      Tampa-One overriding theme at PT 2012 has been keeping the profession at the forefront of health policy change. Most therapists agree that there are many ways they need to make that happen-through better data tracking, research, advocacy and education of stakeholders in health care as to how vital physical therapy is to positive health ...
  • My Conference

    I recently attended my first ''live'' conference in more than 10 years. It was one of the most informative and action-packed adventures I've had. I was able to connect with people, collect numbers, share experiences and sample some new technology that is available to those who need it (and are able afford it). This conference was not what you ...
    Posted to PTA Blog Talk (Weblog) on March 7, 2012
  • Advice for New Grads: What Not to Wear

    Prior to attending APTA's Combined Sections Meeting last month, I took a look at the programming schedule for more unique presentations that stand out from the rest of the clinical-heavy programming. I'll pick a few out to feature in preview blogs for our readers to get interest generated should readers be attending the conference and looking for ...
  • The Search for CEUs

    We all have that ''Priority List'' that includes the daily necessities, from ''feed and clothe the kids'' (#1) to alphabetize the DVD collection (#289). As I close into completing my first year as a PTA, I've found that the required 40 hours of continuing education requirement (completed over a two-year period) has slowly started to inch up the ...
    Posted to Life of a PTA (Weblog) on January 27, 2012