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  • Beyond Multidisciplinary

    Most of us are well familiar with a multidisciplinary approach to meeting all of a patient's needs. Input from doctors, nursing, OT, PT, speech, and social work help us to provide better outcomes for patients. Notice the key word there... patients. What about people? Once a person becomes a patient, something has already gone wrong. This is where ...
    Posted to PT and the Greater Good (Weblog) on March 12, 2014
  • Are Groups the Answer?

    One of the take-home messages from the APTA Combined Sections Meeting last month was that more therapy is better. I think everyone agrees with that. What we can't agree on, or even figure out for that matter, is how to squeeze more therapy into an already overcrowded day. One suggestion was to utilize group therapy in addition to what we're ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on March 12, 2014
  • Customer Service

    I don't think you can work in healthcare for any length of time without attending the mandatory customer service inservice. It usually includes a segment on making upset customers happy. In our case, that would be patients and families. One strategy is to listen, verbalize back and then address each complaint. I'm skeptical when I hear that. It ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on March 5, 2014
  • Finally Merging Physio and Public Health!

    Next week I'm giving a presentation to the local authority and public health department on the problem of falling in older adults and what needs to be done about it. It's helpful that this is the same town I did my master's thesis on and that I'm starting up a falls service within. What's really exciting is that nobody has the breadth of ...
    Posted to PT and the Greater Good (Weblog) on February 25, 2014
  • Dosage Matters

    There were two common themes at CSM this year: dosage and intensity. Every clinical presentation I attended mentioned one or the other. Intensity was defined as how hard the patient is working. Dosage referred to the number or reps or duration in the case of a static activity. In both cases, more is considered better. Last weekend I worked at a ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on February 11, 2014
  • It's Time for CSM

    It's almost that time of year again when thousands of us gather for the APTA Combined Sections Meeting. This year we're in Las Vegas. According to what I've read, they're expecting more than 10,000 PTs and PTAs to attend. I'm going. To use a Texas-like phrase, this isn't my first rodeo. This will be my third CSM, so I know what to expect. The ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on January 28, 2014
  • Learning to Say, ‘No. Thank You.'

    So I've been back in England a month now. It is good to be home. The work of looking for employment can be more exhausting than simply being an active physiotherapist! Recruitment agency interviews, collecting data on immunizations and titers and such, getting up-to-date CPR certification, and Internet searching... endless Internet searching. At ...
    Posted to PT and the Greater Good (Weblog) on October 9, 2013
  • Wisely Spent Time

    The billing clock stops ticking when the patient is no longer in front of me, but this doesn't stop family, nurses and other colleagues from talking to me about the patient when the patient isn't present. If I see six patients a day and the nurse and I want to discuss medication management for pain reduction to accurately progress the patients, ...
    Posted to PTA Blog Talk (Weblog) on October 3, 2013
  • Advice from an Octogenarian

    ''Don't get old!'' I can't begin to tell you how many of my patients have told me this over the last four years. All different people, from different backgrounds and walks of life, admitted to the hospital for different reasons, all with one thing in common... they're over 80 years old.  I just turned 28 last month and while I'm a ...
    Posted to PT on the Run (Weblog) on August 14, 2013
  • Celebrating Five Years with ADVANCE

    This week is my fifth anniversary of writing my blog for ADVANCE. I thought it was fitting to review my top five blogs from the past five years. Some blogs that I thought were very good topics didn't make it to this list... I won't take it personally. It does make me wonder what makes some blog posts more popular than others. Better title? Better ...
    Posted to PT and the City (Weblog) on July 25, 2013
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