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  • National Anxiety Disorder

    I spent an afternoon in the PACU at my hospital a few weeks ago and there’s been a nagging pain in my heart ever since.  That day, we had an influx of young female patients:  average age around 25, healthy, scheduled for smaller-scale orthopedic surgeries.  Our surgeries ended early, so after my morning in the OR I headed to the ...
    Posted to New to Nursing (Weblog) on July 15, 2013
  • Top Tweets of the Week (1-16)

    Celebrating Martin Luther King Day. Kids' mental health in military families. Debate on pediatric transplant eligibility. The future of healthcare reform. Here's a list of tweets just for you. And, of course, be sure to follow ADVANCE for Nurses by going to @ADVANCENurses. @RWJF_PubHealth ''I believe Dr. King would ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) on January 20, 2012
  • Prescription Drugs: A ‘Perfect Storm' That Almost Became a Killer

    My mother, despite her 92 years of age, maintains the mind of a brilliant, life-loving 30-year-old. Unfortunately, her physical self never sipped from the fountain of youth. Her sight has dimmed, her mobility is nil, and she's done battle with cancer, gall bladder disease, vertigo, hypertension, insomnia and muscular and joint ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) on October 29, 2009
  • HIPAA be damned? Celebrity death fuels debate about privacy rules in healthcare

    If you think the fictional Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe are bad for nursing’s image, just wait until you hear about one real-life nurse in California. Like many, I could not escape the media frenzy following Michael Jackson’s death. Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines and even my iPhone was giving me minute details of the singer’s final days, his ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) on July 13, 2009
  • A Magic Pill?

    Like more than 66 percent of people in America, I'm overweight. And like most of those people, I wish I could magically drop off the extra pounds overnight, even though it took 15 years for them to settle around my bust, belly and butt. I'll admit, I've been intrigued by those before-and-after advertisements for weight loss pills, powders and ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) on March 27, 2009