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  • Problem Evolution

    Recently, I read this and have been thinking about it ever since. The article describes ''problem evolution''--the notion that problems evolve over time to evade a manager's attempts to solve them. This explains why a new manager quickly solves ''intractable'' problems that a predecessor couldn't. A fresh approach, a different ...
    Posted to Stepwise Success (Weblog) on May 30, 2008
  • Your Culture

    Imagine in the near future, a job applicant asking, ''What is your culture here?'' Your first thought is Duh, it's a laboratory. But with the pressures on healthcare, you may already be hearing plenty of talk about your organization's ''culture.'' Even if you haven't, it exists and is important. In a way, it affects everything ...
    Posted to Stepwise Success (Weblog) on May 5, 2008
  • Other Managers

    Becoming a manager means changing your peer relationships. Instead of competing with another work silo, you now need their cooperation. It is essential to transition from the subordinate-supervisor relationship to this new peer setting to complete projects and achieve success. A new manager can't do it alone. As this article from the Harvard ...
    Posted to Stepwise Success (Weblog) on May 2, 2008
  • A New Work Perspective

    Law and medicine careers may be losing self-respect, according to this article in the Dallas News. While these professions are still solidly supported by pay, security, schooling and responsibility, there is a sense that their status is waning.  Excerpt: This decline, Mr. Florida argued, is rooted in a broader shift in definitions of ...
    Posted to Stepwise Success (Weblog) on February 19, 2008
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