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  • Color Running into Respiratory Problems?

    By Tamer Abouras   With spring here and summer just around the corner, opportunities to have fun outdoor exercise are aplenty. And for those looking to shed a few pounds or just improve their general health, events that make exercise more social and group-oriented are also available in spades. One of the most popular of these is the ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on May 19, 2016
  • Greater Than the Sum

    By Tamer Abouras   There’s a saying that gets thrown around, often in the context of sports, that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Seemingly oxymoronic, the point is typically made when trying to explain how a team of unextraordinary players somehow topples a juggernaut. And far from being a rare occurrence, it’s actually ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on February 25, 2016
  • At-Home Allergies

    By Tamer Abouras   Fall is a hotly debated season. Some love it for the colors, the mild temperatures and the fact that pumpkin spice flavoring can be added to seemingly everything. Others dread the beginning of school, the earlier darkness and of course, the allergies.   There’s really no getting around the fact that most of us, ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on January 21, 2016
  • Attack of the Ads

    By Tamer Abouras   There are numerous wonderful things about how information is produced in the digital age. Entire publications which once required dozens of people under one roof to put together can now be written, edited and adorned with art and illustration by a completely remote, distributed workforce. For writers and editors, ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on January 8, 2016
  • Getting It Right

    By Tamer Abouras   As a kid, few things were less satisfying than a trip to the doctor’s office that ended without being handed some kind of prescription antibiotic. Aside from the validation that your day off of school was in fact merited, most antibiotics have you feeling significantly better in a matter of 24 hours. Probably the only ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on December 17, 2015
  • Setting the World on Fire

    By Tamer Abouras These days, one of the more stark images you’re treated as you drive along — particularly in parts of the American Midwest — is the presence of once thriving, but now abandoned factories. With one look, you’re instantly tied to a still-barely-living past that actually isn’t any more distant than the childhood of your grandparents ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on October 29, 2015
  • Autumn’s Allergies: Back With a Vengeance

    By Tamer Abouras This week, country music star Shania Twain — probably best known for her song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” — wasn’t feeling anything other than sick, so much so that she canceled two performances on what’s supposed to be her last planned tour after an 11-year hiatus. And what was the culprit that will ultimately keep the singer ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on October 8, 2015
  • Allergens Keeping Many Americans Up at Night

    Three-quarters of U.S. adults experience occasional to frequent sleep disruptions, according to a new survey from AllerEase. ( Respondents to the summer survey of 1,015 adults in the U.S. cited several possible causes, including temperature-related discomfort or needing to use the bathroom and experiencing allergy symptoms. ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on September 24, 2015
  • Restorative Sleep Just a Dream for Many Americans

    New research reveals although eighty percent of physically active adults say they desire eight or more hours of sleep per night, only 41% actually do. Commissioned by mattress maker Nodical Bed, the study explored sleep patterns and attitudes among adults who self-identify as highly health conscious and regularly engage in activities such as ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on June 25, 2015
  • MERS: The Next Pandemic?

    By Bruce Merchant, MD Science tells us that new viral mutations are occurring all the time. Many of these mutations are effectively neutral and are of little importance but, every now and again, a mutation will occur in a virus which gives it a major biological advantage. For a virus, that’s the ability to infect a host and to go on ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views (Weblog) on June 11, 2015
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