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  • Pain Patients

    My contact with pain patients was extensive during my residency in Aurora, North Carolina, a coastal town of about 400, with a patient population compromising of retirees, commercial fisherman and above-ground miners from a phosphate mine. I knew from that experience that even if I never found a job as an NP, I would not choose to do pain ...
    Posted to New Grad NP (Weblog) on September 6, 2012
  • The Complex Importance of Patient Education

    Recently our group was consulted in the care of a patient newly diagnosed with HIV. This patient presented to the hospital via the ED with altered mental status. A lumbar puncture was performed and the cerebrospinal fluid was sent off to the microlab for cultures. About 48 hours later, it was positive for Cryptococcus. An HIV test ...
    Posted to New Grad NP (Weblog) on May 17, 2012
  • Infectious Disease - Two Weeks In

    Two weeks in and I absolutely adore my job in infectious disease (ID). I feel so fortunate and truly hope that my cohort find comparable satisfaction in their employment. Admittedly, I despise waking up early (this nurse remains accustomed to an 11-11 shift) but aside from that one inescapable detail, I am besotted. This job affords me both ...
    Posted to New Grad NP (Weblog) on February 2, 2012
  • Retail Clinic Strategery

      Opening my Providence (Rhode Island) Journal this morning (OK, online), I saw yet another report on physician objections to retail or convenient care clinics. The same article, but with different names, has been showing up about once a week somewhere in the country for the past 3 years. The article always cites physician charges that ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Voice: NP (Weblog) on October 26, 2007