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  • Replaced By Robots

    A few years ago I visited a hospital in eastern Tennessee and was fascinated by a pharmacy robot named Alexander. Alexander would take medications from the pharmacy up to the floors. Alex, holding its precious cargo in a secure ATM-like body, would, using infrared technology, take the elevator, select a floor, open the door and go deliver ...
  • Virtual National Meetings

    Last week, the annual national joint meetings of ASCLS and AACC were held in Washington, DC. The meetings were very successful, drawing thousands of attendees nationally and internationally. The meeting offered cutting edge presentations, represented the gathering of top scientific experts and the opportunity to network and socialize. However, in ...
  • Maine's HealthInfoNet

    The first statewide electronic health information system, HealthInfoNet, was recently unveiled in Maine as reported here. This is a logical application of technology, an accelerating trend of making healthcare information--including prescriptions--available to clinicians, but also letting patients know who sees their information and ...
    Posted to Stepwise Success (Weblog) on January 31, 2008
  • Offshore Clinical Lab Tests

    Remember when outsourcing did not apply to healthcare? Businesses developed the concept of contracting or otherwise arranging for some services to be performed outside the main business if it made financial sense. Outsourcing is utilizing experts from outside the entity to perform specific tasks the entity once performed itself, if those ...