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  • Popular Nurses Week Promotional Products

    Nurses Week (May 6 to 11) celebrates the valuable role nurses play in healing, promoting wellness and practicing relationship-centered care. Nurses Week celebrations are a great way to raise employee morale and recognize staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty. This recognition week also remains an important opportunity for ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on April 6, 2012
  • Football Promotional Items for Super Bowl 2012

    Are you looking for a creative way to add some spark to your marketing or recruitment campaign? Super Bowl-themed promotional gifts are timely and bound to generate lively conversation among football fans. Our football promotional items are perfect if you're targeting sports enthusiasts, men, children, schools, recreation centers and sports teams. ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on January 26, 2012
  • Using QR Codes on Promotional Products is a Snap!

    They're the hottest trend in mobile advertising, and retailers from the Gap to Home Depot are latching onto ''quick response codes'' - or QRs - like kids in a candy store.They look like an abstract expressionist interpretation of TV static, and you can find them on hamburger wrappers, magazine ads and business cards. Consumers simply aim their ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on June 23, 2011
  • Happy Meal Toy Ban Misses the Mark

    My mom rarely fed us fast food as a child. The exception was during our 13-hour road trips from southern Ohio to Florida each spring. In between long driving stretches, my sister and I eagerly awaited our McDonald's breaks. We tore open our Happy Meals with a vengeance and compared/traded/fought over the toys inside.Happy Meal toys have been a ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on April 8, 2011