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  • Apps for Treatment and Evaluation of the Voice

    When evaluating adults with voice disorders in the past, it may have been difficult to show baseline parameters and progress without having expensive equipment. If you are a clinician who does not have access to VisiPitch Software or works outside of a clinic, use of voice apps may be the key to providing the necessary data needed for a basic ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on September 22, 2014
  • Dysphagia Education

    Northern Speech Services' Dysphagia is an essential app for every SLP working with adults with swallowing dysfunction. It provides images of the anatomy seen in a video fluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS or MBS), with videos of a normal swallow in two views and several types of impairments in an adult. The images are the ones used in the MBSImPTM ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on March 18, 2013
  • iWordQ

    There's an app I've been recommending to just about everyone recently:  iWordQ by Quillsoft. This is an iPad version of the powerful wordQ word processing software, combining word predication with the built-in voice-to-text capability of iPad 3, 4, and mini.  At only $25, it's a true bargain for the capabilities of the app, and ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on March 4, 2013
  • Slow Down for Speech Pacesetter

    Speech Pacesetter is a new release on the App Store designed specifically for adult-based SLPs to helps clients pace their rate of reading with a syllable- or word-based timing strategy. People with Parkinson's Disease, dysfluency, acquired brain injury, or other neurological impairment may benefit from this app to practice slowing their rate for ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on January 28, 2013
  • Speech Sounds on Cue – Review & Giveaway

    Since 1999, speech-language pathologists and adults with apraxia have been using a computer program called Speech Sounds on Cue. This software was developed by Carol Bishop of Australia under the company Multimedia Speech Pathology. Taking advantage of video, sound, and written cues, the program was intended to increase the intensity of treatment ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on December 17, 2012
  • SpeakinMotion Interview & Giveaway

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Tactus Therapy and ADVANCE booths at the ASHA Convention to say ''hello'' and give positive feedback on the blog! It was so nice to meet everyone! I had a chance to sit down with SpeakinMotion's Sean Keegan to talk about the VAST apps while in Atlanta. For those who don't know, SpeakinMotion has 7 apps that ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on November 19, 2012
  • Virtual FEES Training

    Georgia Health Sciences University has created a wonderful free app for iPad called Upper Respiratory Virutal Lab (URVL). For medical SLPs and students, it is a very useful tool for those learning the anatomy involved in a FEES exam (flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing) without having to poke around too much inside the nose of a student, ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on October 9, 2012
  • Drooling Over an App

    Sometimes there's a beautifully simple and inexpensive solution to a troublesome problem. The problem is drooling, and the solution has been installed on my iPad for months, but I've only recently come to appreciate the power of a little app called Swallow Now. Every time you hear the click, you swallow - so simple, yet so ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on July 9, 2012