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  • Assessing Articulation in Toddlers

    It is common for parents to indicate they are concerned about their toddler’s speech sounds at age two. Although most of the time these concerns are typical and age appropriate, there are times when further evaluation or consideration for speech therapy is necessary. We have all heard baby-talk, or children who use phonological processes. ...
    Posted to The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention (Weblog) on June 9, 2015
  • SLP Survey

    For today's post, I have chosen a list of questions and created a survey specifically designed for speech therapists working in early intervention. The survey looks at a variety of topics and issues which we face as therapists and my hope is that the results of this poll will be very beneficial to all of us as therapists and maybe even beyond as a ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on February 1, 2011
  • Answering Reader Questions: Phonological Disorders

    A few weeks ago, a reader posted a comment asking for suggestions regarding how to treat a ''severe phonological disorder''. In order to answer this question completely, I thought it necessary to first clearly define the difference between an articulation disorder and a phonological disorder, as they are often easily confused and both are ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on June 15, 2010