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  • Language Lab: Spin & Speak –Social Skills

    Language Lab: Spin & Speak -Social Skills targets language and social skills. This is created by both Speech With Milo and PRC (Prentke-Romich Company) who have a few other apps targeting language/AAC use as well. This app is very similar to Speech With Milo's Articulation Board Game however instead of speech sounds different social scenarios ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on June 26, 2013
  • Hey Bear! What Do You Hear?

    Listen Up Bear is a fun app based on the classic kids tune ''The Bear Went Over the Mountain,'' but in this version it is not to see what he can see but instead to hear what he can hear! The app itself is designed by a speech-language pathologist from Canada but who is currently practicing in Mexico. The premise of the app is fairly simple: you ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on June 12, 2013
  • Apps for Memory

    These are some fun apps that help target auditory and visual memory skills. They can be used for varying age ranges as well, but I use them mostly with the 3 to 7 year old age range. This is certainly not a comprehensive list by any means but just a sampling of what apps are available if you need to target these skills. Memory ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on March 21, 2013
  • Socially Speaking™ App

    Socially SpeakingTM App was designed by Penina Pearl Rybak, MA, CCC-SLP. She designed it as an assessment protocol for social skills. The protocol includes a Social Skills Checklist, Early Intervention-Readiness Indicators Checklist, and Social Skills Management Plan template.  I think this app would be very useful for a school-based ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on October 26, 2012
  • Apps for Visual Support

    Custom Boards by Smarty Ears Apps and Visual Creator by Silver Lining Multimedia are both similar apps that give you a ''Board Maker''-like experience on your iPad. As you can see by the comparison chart below, both of these apps have very similar features. So which one do I recommend? I really like Custom Boards because of the iTunes backup, ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on October 3, 2012
  • Common Core Early Language Screener

      The CCELS is a screening tool similar to other early language screeners on the market, but priced much lower at $29.99. It's based on the Common Core Standards that are now making their way into the school systems (Is your school using them yet?). I am not an SLP in the schools so I am not totally up to speed on everything common core. ...
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) on September 5, 2012