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  • Fill Your Tank and Check Your Blood Pressure

    The automotive industry has long been introducing new and innovative features to cars on the basis of consumer trends, preferences, safety bulletins and market positioning. The industry is now on the verge of integrating health, wellness and wellbeing (HWW) technologies into cars. While automotive HWW non-critical features such as reconfigurable ...
  • 4 Ways Smart Recruiters Stay ACA Aligned

    One year after the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a new study by Health eCareers found that the effect of the ACA’s new policies ranked as the third most pressing concern for healthcare recruiters and hiring managers, just behind staff turnover and the projected physician shortage.It was anticipated that the ACA would result in the ...
  • Working Your Way Through Retirement

    Many people who waited eagerly for the day they could stop working and enjoy a leisurely retirement find that the reality doesn’t match their dreams. “Some people are not prepared financially or mentally to retire,” says Michael Bivona, a retired CPA and author of the book “Retiring? Beware!! Don’t Run Out of Money and Don’t Become Bored” ...
  • CDI for Physicians Ready to Quit

    Fast Facts:The average medical school graduate is in $161,000 debt. The now unchallenged Obama-care model creates a 63,000 physician shortage by 2015. Forty-six percent of physicians would NOT choose medicine again as a career.As we move into these unprecedented times in health care, our physicians need our support more than ever. It's hard to ...
    Posted to HIM & Heard (Weblog) on December 19, 2012