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  • Did You Know We Have These Syringe Promotions?

    Stick your logo here. Not going to lie - I was a bit shocked to see just how many syringe-shaped products we offer at ADVANCE Custom Promotions. I mean, needles are cool and all, but we really offer a ton of them. They all have their little quirks, which is why I'd like to play ''What Does This Thing Do, Exactly?'' Here's how it goes. I show ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on July 9, 2010
  • Promotional Highlighters: A Slightly Guest Post

    Well, it seems I've inspired an imitator. And imitation is the highest from of flattery, right? Ever since I started writing this blog, the helpdesk support specialist (and my good friend) Josh has taken an interest in it. Often when we're chatting, he'll say, ''Is there anything I can do to help?'' I always jokingly invite him to write a blog ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on June 11, 2010
  • Tuesday Afternoon: Promotional Product Trivia!

    Test your knowledge of our products. As the week winds up here in the ADVANCE offices, I dive into our Web site to see what's new and different and revisit a few of our favorite products. My Grow Guy is growing, my love for squeegees is strong and I still feel a connection with our ''Snuggle Me'' blankets with sleeves. My knowledge of our ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on April 20, 2010
  • Did You Know We Had These Wholesale WD-40® Pens?

    Give customers a quick fix in a convenient size. My grandfather's method of fixing things involved one thing: duct tape. If duct tape couldn't fix something, nothing could. Toy lawnmowers were stitched together with duct tape, car bumpers on his old junkers were secured with duct tape and even our baby pools were mended carefully with the gray ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on April 9, 2010
  • Bobblehead Pens Now Available with Full-color Imprints

    It just got a lot brighter in here. I say that for several reasons. You'll find out about reason one further down in this blog post (although there is, well, the biggest hint in the world in this blog post's title). The second is that in the aftermath of Snowmageddon II: The Fury, our office lost power this morning. Literally, it did just get a ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on February 12, 2010
  • In Honor of Our Pen Sale

    It's pop quiz time! Can you figure out the secrets these multifunction pens hold? We're wearing red at ADVANCE HQ today to celebrate Go Red For Women Day, sponsored by the American Heart Association. Along with many of my coworkers, I'm tooling around in jeans at the office today, and that, along with all of the usual insanity that surrounds a ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on February 5, 2010
  • Did You Know We Had These Racing Toy Pens?

    Vrooooooooooooom. These racing toy pens are a great idea. They're customizable, and the best part is that the toy car/bus/golf cart/other car/truck/plane/boat detaches and goes vroom, so these pens are truly toys and pens. The pens itself are professional, and sans topper would be sleek enough to attend meetings with you. The toy toppers on the ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on January 22, 2010
  • Conjure Up Holiday Memories with Light Bulb Holiday Pens

    Now why the heck are they blinking? Ah, Christmases past. Each year my dad would hike up to the attic and pull down box after box of that tacky shiny tinsel and coiled beyond belief light strands. We were definitely the flashiest house on the block. My mom was a fan of multicolored blinking lights. Yes, we were that family. After presents were ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on December 3, 2009
  • Seeing a Resemblance

    Take a look at our big-haired pens. I mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, ADVANCE calls King of Prussia, PA, home. We have two offices here, nestled in a suburb that, without traffic, would be half an hour or so from Center City Philadelphia. Let me just say that the sports fans here are pretty much a lot like you've heard - ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on October 9, 2009
  • ¡Gracias a Dios Que es Viernes!

    Did you know we had these Spanish pens? It's Friday, as you probably know, unless you're stuck in one of those weeks where you're a day behind or a day ahead. If it's that last one, then you probably didn't go to work this morning because you thought it was Saturday, so enjoy your day off. As a huge bonus, it's Friday before a holiday weekend. I ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on September 4, 2009