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  • Start ’Em Young with Wholesale Earth Day Products for Kids

    Get the younger generation involved with helping the environment. I know the green trend seems to have just caught steam within the last few years, but I feel like treating the planet well has been around for a lot longer. When I was a sprout, my elementary school celebrated Earth Day, April 22, by planting trees out front and sending each child ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on April 9, 2010
  • Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: BPA-free Polycarbonate

    Oh, those rose-colored glasses. Blogger's note: Get an idea of what the heck I am doing in this post by checking out this other post here. Oh, bisphenol-A. I'm familiar with you. I did some research on BPA, as this compound is commonly known, back when I worked on the editorial side here at ADVANCE, and also when I was shopping for my very own ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on February 26, 2010
  • Three Great Designs for 2010 Occupational Therapy Month Promotions

    Use these to make your promotional products pop. While Punxsy Phil predicts winter and more winter ahead, April is actually not that far away. Flowers will bloom, the sky will produce rain instead of snow and I won't be driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark. At least this is what I tell myself. In any case, April is National ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on February 2, 2010
  • Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: Polypropylene

    This takes me back to filling in those bubbles on the SATs. Blogger's note: Get an idea of what the heck I am doing in this post by checking out this other post here. The most random things crack me up. This morning, listening to the news and barely emerging from sleep, I heard a report about how three bomb-sniffing dogs at the Philadelphia ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on January 7, 2010
  • Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: Post-consumer Recycled Chipboard

    Mmmm, tasty ... Blogger's note: Get an idea of what the heck I am doing in this post by checking out this other post here. I can think of very few things that are not delicious that include the word ''chip.'' Chocolate chip? Yes, please. Potato chip? Mmm hmm. Paint chip? Err, OK. There's one. Tortilla chip? Fill mine with cheese and salsa. Wood ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on November 25, 2009
  • It’s a Keeper: Eco-friendly Light Bulb Keychains

    Need a bright idea? Maybe you're not turned on by keychains, or maybe you're just left in the dark when it comes to their appeal. These fun promotional light bulb keychains with a twist feature eco-friendly compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. By now you've probably encountered these curly little bulbs. If you're not already using the ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on November 16, 2009
  • Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: Biodegradable Jute

    What could these environmentally friendly jute tote bags be made of? We're subjected to a gajillion advertisements a day. That's my expert opinion, and I know there are solid numbers behind this, but I prefer made-up, funny sounding numbers for the point I'm trying to make here. (For the sticklers, The New York Times reports that the number is ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on November 9, 2009
  • Just Like the Real Thing: Environmentally Friendly Coffee Cups

    Spare Mother Earth and conserve your caffeine habit. My dad's been a coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. His new obsession is with those little packets of instant coffee, and he's also really caught up in being more frugal, so he figures he's saving money by skipping a stop at the local gas station for his cuppa joe while still getting ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on October 13, 2009
  • Go Green with Recycled Paper Holiday Cards

    Spare the environment as you get your corporate message across. Love it or hate it, the holidays are approaching. According to a U.S. Census Bureau press release from 2005, 1.9 billion Christmas cards go out each year. That's nothing to sneeze at when you think about the number of trees that went down to make those cards. I liked the advice ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on October 6, 2009
  • Tree-t Others to New Wooden USB Flash Drives

    Did you know we had these unique wooden USB flash drives? Oh dear. It's one of those end-of-the-day blog posts, and I've been pondering these wooden USB flash drives for much of the day. What to write about these little unique pieces that can conveniently hang around the neck for quick access and come in two different types of wood? Well, ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on September 30, 2009