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  • The Twelve Days of Custom Promotions: Part One

    Why are there so many birds? This started out as a spinoff of another post, and snowballed into something too big for my brain to comprehend. I've done geometry for the first time since the SATs. I've crunched numbers, multiplying and dividing. I've hunted through the website and called in favors from others. And what do you get out of it? ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on November 11, 2010
  • Customized Leatherman® Products: Because I Had To

    Pointy. Sometimes, much like a wedding DJ, I get requests. Instead of requests to play ''Celebration'' or ''The Chicken Dance,'' the requests that come to me are more along the lines of write about this product, or write about this other product. Each time, except in the cases where I was truly baffled on what to write, I do indulge these ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on October 25, 2010
  • Promotional Products of the 90s

    Travel back in time with promotional mini backpacks, Champion sweatshirts and wholesale polo shirts. I went through my angsty teen years in the 1990s. It was an era owned by Gap fashion, mainstream computing and grunge music. I donned flannels I found in the attic that used to belong to my grandfather and Gap corduroy pants from the 1970s ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on August 27, 2010
  • Three Tiers for National Assisted Living Week Gifts

    Honor staff and residents with these giveaways for NALW. National Assisted Living Week is right around the corner - Sept. 12-18 - but there's still time to order National Assisted Living Week gifts for your facility's staff and/or residents. Across the country, assisted living facilities will host health fairs, themed celebrations, cocktail ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on August 26, 2010
  • Three Tiers for 2011 Promotional Weekly Planners

    They're plan-tastic. I'm a compulsive list maker. While pondering why I haven't been getting those little nagging things done at home (mail the driver's license form, call the company that billed me wrong, throw out the moving boxes, etc.) it hit me that it's only because I hadn't made a list of things I needed to get done outside of work in the ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on August 12, 2010
  • Promotional Imprinted Coolers: Three Times the Fun

    A blog post in three acts. Act I The scene: It's a summer soiree, a box social of sorts, kind of a big deal. You and 96+ of your favorite clients are getting together and you want a giveaway that packs a punch but would be appropriate for future soirees, box socials, nice-sized social gatherings, etc. As it plays out: The clients have places ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on June 17, 2010
  • It's that Time of Year: Family Reunion Giveaways

    Fun, family and meatballs. It's finally here. This weekend will be the first ever Jusinski Family Reunion. We already had a preunion in May, but this is the big one, with family coming up from the south and lots of food and dozens of Jusinskis ready for action. When I tell friends that I'm excited about the family reunion, they look at me like ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on June 11, 2010
  • Did You Know We Had These Custom Wholesale Hospital Scrubs?

    Meet Scrubby. Though we're only borrowing him. We love scrubs here at ADVANCE. We love them so much that I recently launched a whole blog devoted to our scrubs collection at ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. It's still a bit of a work in progress, but I had a really fun time working with one of our artists here to come up with a little character to ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on June 4, 2010
  • Match ‘Em Up: BiC® Promotional Items Are Buy One Get One Free

    Please refrain from drawing on your computer monitor. For once, I don't really want you to go take a peek at the homepage of ADVANCE Custom Promotions. Why? Because that would be cheating. In trying to come up with something a little offbeat to promote our BiC® promotional buy one get one free offers, I regressed back to childhood. OK, in ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on May 28, 2010
  • May Is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month®

    Stay safe in the sun and promote prevention with promotional sunblocks and sun care products. I know I brag on ADVANCE pretty often. I mean, it's kind of my job and, to boot, it's all true. With that said, I truly enjoy reading our Healthy Aging content, as well as content from its accompanying patient center, I'm not the ...
    Posted to Your Logo Here (Weblog) on May 20, 2010
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