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  • Divine Intervention

    By Tamer Abouras No matter how far society progresses in terms of medical treatment and technology, there will always be those who pine for the past. Out of all the golden age fallacies we are prone to fall for — even commodify — few compare to the yearning for a simpler time in healthcare, when old-fashioned remedies carried the day in lieu of ...
    Posted to Speech and Hearing Perspectives (Weblog) on November 25, 2015
  • Tribute to Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

    Having managed nearly 200,000 patient visits, and conducted in excess of 12,000 education and wellness classes, the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix is celebrating its extraordinary accomplishments with a unique testimonial video featuring patients paying tribute to the 17-year-old comprehensive center and its famous namesake. ''To have ...
    Posted to Speech and Hearing Perspectives (Weblog) on July 30, 2015
  • Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

    By Susan Salka, President and CEO, AMN Healthcare Most public companies dedicate some resources to good corporate citizenship. They choose to spend these resources - time, money or both -- on endeavors aligned with the company's mission and goals in win-win situations. It's all part of a company's social responsibility. But I believe we need ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) on December 1, 2014
  • Recipe: Saucy Mini Raviolis with Hidden Vegetables

    Most kids LOVE pasta and fortunately for us, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes! One of the preferred pasta dishes at our house are mini raviolis. They are perfect for little hands and mouths - just the right size for children to gobble up!There are many, many mini raviolis brands and flavors out on the market. You can try anything from your ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on April 25, 2014
  • Recipe: A Warm Winter Meal

    Looking for something new to serve your little ones at dinnertime? Today's meal offers a balanced palette of vegetables, fruits, dairies and proteins that will warm their bellies and make their taste buds happy! The Main Dish: Honey Ham, Turkey and Cheddar Stromboli You will need: Sharp Cheddar sliced cheese Honey Ham deli meat Sliced turkey ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on February 21, 2014
  • GUIDELINES for Feeding your Children

    Today's post is an extension of my submission from last Tuesday entitled ''Feeding Our Children Well.'' In that post I shared the recommended amounts of FRUITS, VEGETABLES, GRAINS, PROTEINS AND DAIRY FOODS for children ages 2-5 years of age. Today's post takes this information a step further and offers suggestions about how to add these healthy ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on February 11, 2014
  • Recipe: Heart-Shaped Pizza!

    I saw a version of this recipe in a children's magazine and thought it was perfect for Valentine's Day, which is just one week away! I made a few of my own changes to it, just to give it a little extra flavor! It's an adorable activity you can do at home with your little ones or in the classroom if you have access to an oven.   What you ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on February 7, 2014
  • Feeding Our Children Well

    We recently enjoyed a visit to our local library for an artsy and informative toddler class. While there, the instructor handed out an extensive packet of information about healthy eating habits, smart food- shopping ideas, healthy recipes for kids and so on. Much of the information came from the ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on February 5, 2014
  • Crispy Super Bowl Zucchini Sticks

    Here is my new favorite recipe! I made these for my family a few weeks ago and we made them in our preschool on Tuesday. Most of the children and all of the adults loved them! When I made them at home, my 4 year old helped. We set up an assembly line to get the zucchinis dipped, breaded and ready to be cooked. Her task was to put the raw zucchini ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on January 31, 2014
  • Recipe: Warming Winter Stew

    If you are living in the northeast section of the United States then you are right in the middle of the ''polar vortex'' as the news channels have so affectionately been calling our consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures. Whenever we have snow days, one of my absolute favorite things to do is cook and bake for my family. I immediately begin to ...
    Posted to Early Intervention Speech Therapy (Weblog) on January 24, 2014
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