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  • The School Library

    Well I'm feeling badly about directing folks to only to discover that a favorite book was NOT being sold as cheaply as I had thought when I wrote my last post. Perhaps it will go down in price again once Halloween is over. This leads me to a wonderful source for FREE books...the school library, of course!  I'm sure many of ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on November 1, 2010
  • Consultation in Elementary Education

    After taking a bit of a detour to talk about some other topics (which I'm open to do any time - thanks for the readers suggesting I write a bit about PODD), I'd like to return to my discussion on how I use various service delivery models to  best meet the needs of the students on my caseload. The subject of consultation is an important, but ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on October 13, 2010
  • Google Image Search as Therapy Tool

    Once upon a time, when completing my graduate internship in a public school in Boston, I wanted to make a phonemic awareness booklet for a student who was learning rhyming through word families.  At the time, what was available online from my tired and wired old Mac at home, was Microsoft Office's Clip Art website (or one could search other ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on October 11, 2010
  • Getting "Speechie"

    In past posts, I have described the considerations around selecting technology resources to use in speech-language therapy.  The FIVES criteria — so far, we talked about the benefits of resources being Free (or nearly free), Interactive, Visual, and Educationally Relevant — can be useful for our own thinking as well as to justify our use of a ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on August 16, 2010
  • Educational Relevance and Interventions

    Another way technology can assist us as SLPs lies in its power to infuse connections to classroom content into our sessions. This is the E in the FIVES criteria for selecting good technology resources for our interventions- Educational Relevance. Our students receive our services specifically because their speech and language impairments affect ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on August 2, 2010
  • When Life Gives You Lemons...

    One of the great things about working on language is that almost anything can be turned into a language activity. I really like Sean Sweeney's advice about seeing activities through a “language lens.” SLPs can use curriculum materials, any number of toys, and daily routines to help students achieve their goals. So, on one warm Pacific Northwest ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on June 28, 2010
  • Introducing: Alexandra Streeter, MA, CCC-SLP

    Do You Drill or Use Themes? I was interested to read some of the comments in Stephanie Bruno Dowling's preschool/early intervention blog the other day. She talked about using art activities for language in preschool, and there was a comment by an SLP who suggested that it is the younger SLP's who do more thematic therapy, and the more seasoned ...
    Posted to Speech in the Schools (Weblog) on June 14, 2010
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