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  • Prioritizing Patients

    In order to compensate for escalating case loads and inadequate staffing, prioritizing who to see each day has become a way of life. Sometimes my day is easier because patients are unavailable. Generally I start every day deciding who needs therapy the most. With the exception of which doctor will complain the most, I think that's the way everyone ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on November 26, 2013
  • Patient Empowerment

    One of the presentations I attended at CSM discussed ways to increase motor learning by empowering the patient. They gave an example where one group of patients was asked to help decide which picture to hand in the waiting room prior to assessment. The other group just did the balance test. The patients who participated in picking the picture did ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on February 6, 2013
  • Don't Take Knowledge for Granted

    This week my facility is sponsoring a nursing continuing education course on acute care of stroke patients. I'm talking about physical therapy and stroke rehabilitation. Even though I know the subject well, I had considerable difficulty writing my presentation. I have 60 minutes but need to allow some time for questions. I thought it would be a ...
    Posted to Toni Talks about PT Today (Weblog) on March 22, 2011