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  • Avoiding Burnout

    Seventeen months ago when I opened Pace Clinic I was excited to be out on my own. No more working for somebody, I could set my own hours, come and go as I please, and do my own thing. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for myself. However, even though I no longer have (a) boss, I still work for now thousands of bosses (my clients). Sure, I can ...
    Posted to NP Practice Owners (Weblog) on June 15, 2009
  • The Replacements

    This past week I had the pleasure of spending the day lecturing for one of the FNP programs in town. The experience was not a new one for me, but it was different in that I was ''it'' for the whole class day. I enjoyed myself very much, and my feedback has been positive to date. As I prepared for this posting I thought about this experience and ...
    Posted to NP Practice Owners (Weblog) on March 16, 2009
  • The Interviewing Process

    Well, I have been at my new office now for over a month, and yesterday's schedule had 38 people on! Yes, it is really taking off.  I have advertised again, and I'm thankful for the responses. I will be interviewing three new prospects at the end of the week. It really is difficult to see patients and manage a a busy practice at the same ...
    Posted to NP Practice Owners (Weblog) on January 14, 2009
  • Many New NP Practices … and a Resource

    I have only anecdotal evidence, but it seems that there are a lot of new NP practices opening out there. In the past few weeks, I've received four Practice Snapshot surveys from NPs who've been in business just since the end of 2007 — two of whom I convinced to help me launch a private practice blog on this site, so stay tuned. I've also already ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Voice: NP (Weblog) on April 23, 2008