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  • Transtheoretical Model for Change

    As healthcare providers and patient advocates, we are often faced with convincing our charges that a change is needed. Human nature is to resist change. Most of us settle into familiar routines in our lives and jobs and, no matter how inefficient or unhealthy our routines may be, we are very reluctant to disrupt the flow of our conventions. It is ...
    Posted to DNP Discussions (Weblog) on November 19, 2014
  • Clinicals and Your First Job

    I was recently speaking with a group of students who will be graduating this year about their current clinical rotations and how things are going. Many of the students had been at at least one of their clinical sites since beginning their programs and were now feeling quite comfortable. Some students even stated that a nurse or two had asked ...
    Posted to Career Coach (Weblog) on October 17, 2012
  • NPs & PAs Are Talking – Facelifts, Family Planning and On-Call Shifts

    On Facebook last week, we shared the Aesthetics Practice Today blog, ''Maintaining Facial Balance with Liquid Facelifts.'' Blogger Mina Grasso described the impressive effects of this treatment but warned clinicians to outline clear expectations to their patients. Facebook fan Shane commented, ''I do these all the time. Patients never, ever have ...
    Posted to ADVANCE for NPs & PAs Blog (Weblog) on July 30, 2012
  • NPs & PAs Are Talking – May 28, 2012

    As NPs & PAs approached the holiday weekend (and with any luck, a few days off), and editor Michelle Perron Pronsati and senior associate editor Jennifer Ford arrived at the AAPA IMPACT conference, our social networks, community pages and articles buzzed with thoughtful comments and many heated opinions. Always a controversial topic ...
    Posted to ADVANCE for NPs & PAs Blog (Weblog) on May 25, 2012
  • Is It Illegal to Use the 'Doctor' Title?

    Q: I hear there are states where using the title “doctor” is illegal if you are not an MD. Which states are these, and how would a DNP graduate introduce him- or herself to patients in those states? A: To begin, I hope that all of us who have earned our doctorate degrees, be it the PhD, DNSc or DNP, step back to realize that any efforts to ...
    Posted to DNP Discussions (Weblog) on May 11, 2012
  • What Title Should DNPs Use at Work?

    Here at the DNP Answers blog we take your questions about the DNP and answer them as best we can. This post is written by blogger Mai Kung, NP, a recent DNP graduate. Q: NPs must be very careful to explain who we are and what we can do for our patients. Do you find your DNP title confuses patients? Is DNP on your name tag in your clinic? A: I ...
    Posted to DNP Discussions (Weblog) on January 7, 2011
  • Emergency Preparedness in Retail Healthcare

    I am sure that everyone is aware of the swing flu scare that took place a few weeks ago. This was an uncertain time for everyone in the medical and public health arena. However, after working in a retail health clinic during this time, I realized that the public turns to retail clinic providers to help them understand and process public health ...
    Posted to Real Life in Retail Health (Weblog) on May 22, 2009
  • Winter in the Retail Clinic

    Hellos to all you people reading about Retail Nursing. I hate mucous. I hate viruses. I hate antibiotics and sinus infections. I now know that my strep screen tests work. If I get my face breathed in by some sweet little kid again this week, I will cry. I get asked how I keep from getting ill with all of the illness around. I sometimes wonder ...
    Posted to Real Life in Retail Health (Weblog) on February 9, 2009
  • Children and Retail Health

    Welcome to my blog an ongoing discussion into the world of retail health. Today I am going to think out loud about children and school/camp/sports physicals. I wonder where or how should we as compassionate professionals should put the line in regards to treating children. Now bear in mind that the clinic that I work in allows no follow-up visits. ...
    Posted to Real Life in Retail Health (Weblog) on October 2, 2008
  • Decision, Decision, Decision

    One of the primary roles of a Retail Clinician is decision making. These decisions can rank from minor day-to-day operational decision to major clinical decision. In this setting Retail Nurse Practitioners are forced to make many decisions that are not routine in other settings. These decisions can be complex and pose major challenges for Retail ...
    Posted to Real Life in Retail Health (Weblog) on September 29, 2008
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