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Prempal Singh

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Mr. Prempal Singh is one of India’s well-renowned and highly-experienced SEO experts who have been working in India, USA & global for the past so many years. Being a qualified SEO Expert USA, he also devotes some of his time working as a SEO freelancer. He has been associated with a number of different multinational companies throughout his career. Mr. Singh is currently working as an best SEO Expert in USA. He believes that creating a website is not enough. A company should know how to use a site as a valuable online tool to interact with the target audience. He thinks no matter where a company is located, the internet has the ability to connect a brand with its target audience despite the geographical location and time difference. He also says that an optimized website is very essential for a business to expand online. He offers free consultation on SEO on-site instruction in SEO for multinational and hi-tech companies. He has also worked as a corporate SEO trainer and has guided many companies on how they can organize their marketing team and create a more effective SEO marketing plan. Mr. Prempal Singh is India’s best SEO expert who has dedicated his life to offering SEO services India, USA & worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in Jaipur or not, he offers his SEO consultation services via phone, webinar, and e-mail. He specializes in formulating a great SEO consulting relationship with his clients.

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